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We cover the main technologies and Project Management methodologies to sustain your ambition with our experts.

We serve our clients' need to continuously innovate their expertise fields, in order to adapt them to the future challenges brought about by technological advancement. Reinventing and transforming industrial and economic models through digital and technologies. Whether it's Information Systems & Digital, engineering, telecom, life sciences or any other of our core consulting specialties, we are able to support our clients at every level.

Software is key for companies to surf the digital wave, whilst digital is the new normal – adapt or be disrupted. Companies are either born-digital or are in the midst of a rapid digital transformation. IoTH is helping organizations accelerate time to market, creating new products/services, driving operational efficiencies and delivering new client experiences

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Most of the world's leading companies now understand that only well-targeted, ambitious and deliberate R&D strategies will enable them to build and maintain a competitive advantage. In an age when time-to-market has become an obsession and digital disruptions are everywhere, we leverage innovation to help companies develop and manufacture unmatched products and services.

Specifically in the automotive Sector, in the face of new driver behavior, diverse powertrain technologies, stricter environmental regulations and a booming demand for connectivity, automotive players need to reinvent their role - focusing on core activities and creating efficient eco-systems with strategic partners.

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Dedicated teams on-site or remote to support all the processes of your business.

Working from home is quickly becoming the new normal. Dispersed employees need new kinds of support and tools to collaborate and work together effectively. While it feels like we're spending much of our day on video conferences, the more capable, purpose-built tools we need don't even yet exist.

Meanwhile, new business technologies continue to emerge rapidly, and smart organizations must embrace them urgently.

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We help companies to conceptualize, build, publish and maintain top notch solutions with a focus on increasing client’s added-value.

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